How best to get a picture of something in another country?
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I'd like to get a couple of street level pictures of the front door to the place my wife and I stayed when we went to Paris. Streetview has only a bad angle of it. Does anyone have suggestions of how I could go about doing this while being in Canada.
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Post on the Paris sub-reddit and pay someone via PayPal.
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Have you checked Bing maps's streetside feature to see if their photo is any better?
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Post it on Jobs?
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I don't know if the address in question has more than one image, but when you look it up in Google Street View, click the legend at the top left of the corner and it will bring up every Street View picture that has been taken over time. For example, at the address where I am now in Canada, it has ten different images taken between 2009-2017.

I'm not explaining it super-well but here's an article with some pictures which should make it clearer.
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Memail me, I live in Paris and happy to take some photos for you.
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Came in to offer the same, but ellieBOA is more central :) she also takes great photos!
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Sorry for delayed response, got busy.

Thanks Kate Blank, that did find some better options, and will have to remember that's something I can do, but angle's aren't great.

I'll try msg'ing ellieBOA.
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And voila!
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Thanks ellieBOA! Much appreciated!
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