Western PA/Northern MD/Maybe WV panhandle resorts
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I have a non-flexible weekend during which I need to make good on promises of a getaway for myself and my husband. We are dropping our kid off in Shippensburg PA and want to do an overnight somewhere vaguely on the way back to Pittsburgh. I want to make sure I'm not missing a still good but cheaper option before I pull the trigger on the $$$ known quantity option. Details within.

Typically, when we splurge on this sort of thing we go to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort but given the non-flexible nature of my dates and the fact that they're in the summer high season, the rates are making my eyes water a bit, even by Omni standards. (Nemacolin, as per usual, is about $100 more, so that's not an alternative.)

So, I'd like to know if there's somewhere more in the $200-$250/night range that's somewhat between South-Central PA and Western PA (dipping into Northern MD or over to WV panhandle is fine, or going more north in PA, but not any further east) with the following characteristics:

--Adult-oriented and quiet (not adults-only necessarily but not a HAPPY PARTY FUNTIMES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY kind of place)
--Really nice swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor would be a bonus--it's been a rainy year in PA and it would totally be my luck that the one weekend I want to sit poolside it'll pour the whole time)
--Good on-site food
--Privacy: I want to go where no one knows my name
--A little bit of luxury touch (poolside drink service, fluffy towels, super comfy chaises/cabanas)
--On-site spa is a bonus but not requirement. Even just a sauna/hot-tub without a spa services component would be great.

Basically, after foisting our child off on his grandparents, we want to ideally spend the last weekend of August sitting on our asses in the sun with a book and taking a dip in the pool every 30 minutes as required, while someone delivers us adult beverages until it's time for a quiet, refined dinner, while not having to drive more than 3 hours to get back to Pittsburgh when we're done. Bedford Springs is the ideal venue but hooboy I am not used to paying peak season weekend rates there. I will if I have to but I feel the need to do my due diligence beforehand.
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Berkely Springs in WV is the panhandle answer - try there for hotel/resort options. This place in Western MD is nice, but no pools.
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I've stopped by the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown WV but not stayed there. Upscale, interesting location, looks like it caters to DC weekend away crowd. Bavarianinnwv.com
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The obvious answer for the Northern panhandle is the Oglebay Resort. With that said, as a (former) local, I've never stayed there for a vacation so I don't know how it exactly matches up to all of your criteria. It is a huge place (e.g. it has 3 championship golf courses + a par 3 course) with lots to do but at the same time it is effectively a public park so it won't feel exclusive/private everywhere.
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