Need the definitive film on development of the fetus
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Documentary, films, animation, series. Color. With as MUCH detail as possible. I mean everything possible. I am doing research and need this to be both exquisite in its beauty but also informative with literally no BS factors or politics. Just the genesis of human biology.
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The Miracle of Life (Nova), 1982.
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Came in to point you toward the Nova episode that chesty_a_arthur identified. It really is magnificent.
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I vividly remember watching the early-eighties Miracle of Life when it was newish. A little searching finds a free-to-stream sequel from 2001.
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I traumatized my human sexuality professor in college when I mentioned that I'd seen that Nova shortly after it came out.

This was when I was a junior in college, probably 20 years old in 1999, and saw the Nova show when I was about 6 years old... Apparently I was asking a lot of questions and my parents decided it was easier to show that. (My twin brother got to see it as an added bonus.) Why my college had a professor teaching human sexuality who would get traumatized about such things is another question, but there you go.

All that said, 20 years ago it was better than anything else that had been done since 20 years before; given the state of things, I wouldn't be surprised if it's still the best of its kind.
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