Getting California drivers license with recently expired OOS license
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My out of state license expired two days ago because I’m dumb. What do I need to do to get a CA drivers license?

Mostly like it says above the cut. Recently moved to CA, don’t mind waiting all day at the DMV, but if I have to take a road test I can’t because I currently have no car. Don’t mind retaking the written but what are the chances I’ll have to start from scratch because I let my old license expire?

Also would just generally prefer not to take the road test as I’m on some medications currently and haven’t been driving as per the warnings, but I still know HOW to drive when I’m not on them.

I live in San Francisco, if it matters.

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Here's the information for new residents. I don't think the expired license will be an issue--they might not even notice. The point is, you have had a license, and therefore are an experienced driver. Looks like you need the proper ID and proof of residency documents, and then to pass a vision test and knowledge exam.

You were supposed to get a new license within 10 days of moving, but I don't think that's a big problem. Besides--how do they know how long you've been in the state?
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First, Happy birthday. Second, I would go to the DMV website and proceed as if you have a valid OOS license. If they say it won't transfer, I would apply online to my old state for a renewal and then when that arrived in the mail, go to Cali DMV and pay the fee and have a valid license.
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Welcome to SF! This is a bit off-topic, but my suggestion is to try the Daly City DMV rather than the SF DMV, which has a line queued up 30 minutes before it opens (and that line is to get a number to get served).
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The expired license will *definitely* be an issue. I let my FL license expire while living in Chicago and since I also had somehow lost my Social Security card, it was a huge hassle.

It was always baffling to me. This piece of plastic literally identified me yesterday but is completely invalid today? Sure, ok, makes total sense.

If you have birth certificate, social security card and a passport, you'll be fine. Otherwise you'll need to acquire those first. They *will* check the expiration date, and they will likely will not accept your expired license. They didn't accept mine as valid in IL, anyway.
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Best answer: They definitely won't accept it as ID (even the uncooperative states follow that particular REAL ID provision), though they may treat it as valid for the purpose of waiving the tests required of new drivers.

Personally, when I was in that situation I renewed by mail with the old state, which has a 30 day grace period, but I could argue with a straight face that I wasn't actually resident in new state at the time.
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Best answer: Based on my experience with an in state but very expired license the California DMV won't care. No road test. Can't remember if they needed separate id though.

Definitely make an appointment first. You may need to wait a week but if you aren't driving or flying you should be fine. At least locally it totally eliminated the wait time.
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