Asexual Community?
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I'm curious if there's a active asexual community online/offline?

So far I've been to AVEN, reddit, and some tumblr places but I'm wondering if there's anymore communities I may have missed in my search? I did check Meet-up but not sure if I'm ready to go to a offline meeting yet. Thanks.
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A friend of mine goes to He says it's fairly active.
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DTMFA: "A friend of mine goes to He says it's fairly active." = AVEN
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I've noticed a community presence on Twitter. Twitter is a bit disparate, but you can search relevant hashtags, or, a lot of users will put something about ID'ing as asexual in their profile blurb. So you can find people to add that way, & then find more folks through friends-of-friends and their followers, etc.
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Offline, some LGBT centers have ace clubs/support groups. My college had one, and there might be groups on Facebook or Meetup for your area.
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My friend runs an ace meetup in Milwaukee. I'm pretty sure there's one in Madison too. So there must be some in bigger cities. I agree with trying the local LGBT center. I'm positive there are Facebook groups - if you want me to ask my friend, let me know.
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