What was this single-take video of a parade through a town?
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Some years ago (five? more?) I watched a video online of what I think was a parade through a town or city in the US. I think it was a single take. It involved lots of people and groups from the town and was really well choreographed and filmed so that it all fitted together. It was really joyful and uplifting and so I'd love to see it again. But I've had no luck finding it based on this little info. Any ideas?
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Ah! Yes, thank you pitseleh! If I'd remembered it was a lip dub maybe I'd have had better luck googling.

Are lip dubs still a thing?
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I don't know - this was the first one I'd ever seen. The producer of this lip dub is Rob Bliss, an urban artist/producer who has done a number of viral art projects.
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Thank you! This reminded me of a similar thing, a totally ridiculous brilliiant cry-fest one-take marriage proposal set to Bruno Mars. Just try not to cry for like, the entire thing.
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Thanks, I hadn't seen it before.
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What a wonderful cure for the early morning blues.
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