Need a Chicago Restaurant Recommendation
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I'm taking an acquaintance-friend to lunch soon but haven't lived in Chicago for several years and am out of touch with what's happening. Where can we go? A few criteria inside.

My friend is well traveled and has been to Chicago before, so I'm not looking for touristy. Downtown/Loop/Mag Mile/River North is preferred. Upscale-ish with relaxed, not-too-loud atmosphere for catching up over good food.

Much appreciated!
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Mariposa inside Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue would fit your requirements. My mom, sister, and I recently had lunch there and it was absolutely delicious.
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Exchequer or Miller's Pub, near Adams-Wabash.
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Cochon Valant (attached to the Hyatt) on Monroe is usually fairly quiet, though crowded (good wine list). Atwood on Washington gets a little crowded but stays quiet--it's been there a while, but it recently re-did itself (used to be Cafe Atwood)--I like it for guests.

The Marq, which opened in the old Greek diner space at the Marquette, is tasty. I've never been at lunch time during the week, so I don't know how noisy it is. Rittergut Wine Bar tends to be quiet at lunch, but the food--while good--is pretty much on par with most decent restaurants in town and does not stand out as a special place to go.

I took some consultants to Trattoria 10 a little while ago for lunch--it was quiet and everyone very much liked their food.

The MCA just got a new restaurant, Marisol, which is delicious but still a little crazy, with all the buzz and people still checking it out. Also has a good wine list.

I'm a fan of Farmhouse, too, but at Chicago and Franklin, might be outside your neighborhood parameters.
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I was going to suggest Marisol. Maybe the Drawing Room at the Chicago Athletic Association? It’s technically the lobby but has a good snack menu and it’s comfortable and good for chatting. Cherry Circle Room and Cindy’s are also good in the same hotel (definitely head up to Cindy’s for a drink if you’re there!) but in my mind there’s nothing better for catching up than a cheese plate and a comfy couch.
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Spiaggia is an Obama favorite .
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Longman & Eagle
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Thank you, all! I've opted for Marisol this time, and am putting Mariposa on my to-do list.
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Exchequer and Miller's Pub are perhaps my two favorites, so imagine my joy at your response, WCityMike
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