Heart rate watch to pair with chest strap
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I would like a running-watch to pair with my chest-strap heart-rate monitor, preferably as cheap as possible. Specifications are inside!

I have an H7 Polar Chest Strap, which reads my heartbeat electrically (much more accurately than fitbit-style optical-based sensors I've used) and sends it via bluetooth to the Polar app on my phone. I like the app quite a bit, because it shows a constant readout of the heartbeat (I usually do interval cardio, which I track by checking my heartrate), plus distance traveled when I run. The downside is having to carry a phone in one hand, and draining my phone battery.

What I'd like is a readout I could wear on my wrist that picks up those same bluetooth chest-strap signals and shows me my heartbeat constantly throughout my run (ideally, not just when I push a button or flick my wrist up, like on a fitbit). I wouldn't mind if it also tracked distance, too, but that's not a big deal either way.

What IS a bigger deal is that I'd like this to be as cheap as possible. I know Garmin's Forerunner watches do this, but they're all like a hundred bucks; for something that just picks up a bluetooth heartbeat and shows it on a wee LCD screen, I would hope to find something for around 20ish. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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polar FT-1?
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Polar FT2
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If you are going to pay $40 buy the A300 on ebay, which logs your heart rate and has a lot of great interoperability. Unfortunately, I think it will be hard to go lower — most manufacturers seem to be headed upmarket
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I'd completely forgotten about ebay! About used items. What am I, some kind of Rockefeller, needing something new? Ridiculous. I ended up finding a Garmin Forerunner 305, "used" but seemingly new in box, on ebay for like $35. Thanks all!
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