Brownstone Brooklyn - Looking for help as I contemplate buying an apt
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I've worked hard and I've been fortunate. I think I have enough saved to buy an apt in Brooklyn with an easier commute to Manhattan. I'm looking in Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill. I'd consider downtown BK or Columbia St Waterfront area as well. Have you had a good experience buying a home in that part of BK? Tell me about it.

I turned 60 this year and have good credit and some money saved so maybe it's finally time to stop paying rent and settle in someplace for awhile.

I'm looking for recommendations of professionals - brokers, lenders, attorneys - who can help pave the way (and not waste my time), and any other recommendations you might have - particular buildings or blocks, anything goes.

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I understand if you don't want to specify, but it does seem that for the most useful answers (particularly on recommending buildings or blocks) that we'll need a sense of your overall budget -- a $750K budget in Brooklyn Heights is very different from say a $2 million budget in terms of what you'll be aiming at.
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Best answer: NYC is a crazy weird market compared to the rest of the world: I sent you a mail with exact names/details. I bought a place earlier this year and I really liked my broker as well as my lawyer. Your lawyer needs to be very diligent.

My recommendation is to start stalking Street Easy and figure out what you like and don't like in your price range, in your neighborhood and make a list of what are your deal breakers, and what are nice to haves and STICK TO THEM. At your age I would prioritize garden level/parlor apartments or elevator buildings. (yes some brownstones actually have them!)

Don't be afraid of coops, don't be afraid of renovations, and be aware that the process will move in very weird ways; weeks to find a place you like, then you need all financials together in 24hrs? submit everything to the board within 3 days, and then wait 5 weeks to be interviewed? It is NOT a convenient process, and it's extremely stressful to hand over very large batches of your life savings on short notice.
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Best answer: Brooklyn Brainery has a buying your first home in NYC class that I found very useful. Looks like the one next week is sold out but they pop up there pretty regularly.
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I lived and worked in those neighborhoods for many years and have a few thoughts and recommendations, but I'm loathe to share them publicly for fear of putting anybody on blast. But I'd be happy to talk privately. My email address is in my profile.
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