Have authoritarian and racist groups coopted the US Steel logo?
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I've recently started seeing the US Steel logo on cars with other authoritarian (Blue Lives Matter) or racist (Jefferson) stickers. There is no steel industry remotely near where I live. Has the logo been co-opted with some hidden meaning, are the Steelers hot this year, or am I just experiencing Baader-Meinhof phenomenon?
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US Steel is backing the Trump steel tariffs, even re-hiring because they say their business will benefit, which I think is probably of a piece with the general political attitude reflected in the other stickers.
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OH! Fascinating ... thank you. I was picturing TJ/Sally Hemings messaging and thinking that was a bit esoteric for a bumper sticker.

Just my n=1, I haven't seen any particular uptick in USS-related things in my area (East Coast, not in Penn but close enough to it that there are plenty of Steelers fans in my orbit). I drive a fair amount through the South and can't ever recall seeing steelmark imagery. Sadly, most of the racist car stickers that I see aren't really subtle. :(

Maybe this is something more local to you? Now I'm really curious too!
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The Steelers won like 8 million super bowls, and people from Southwest PA migrated away a lot over the years, so they're a team with tons of fans who have no immediate connection to Pittsburgh, just like the Dallas Cowboys did. I doubt most people with that logo on their car even know it's the logo for US Steel.
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The Steelers' logo is (essentially) the Steelmark, and while it was used at one point for U.S. Steel marketing, the Steelmark is different than the USS logo of U.S. Steel
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Steelers diaspora. It's a thing. Also, a lot of people from places that don't have football teams seem to gravitate to the Steelers when picking someone to root for. Not always authoritarian shitbags. I believe Barack Obama is a Steelers fan due to growing up places without pro football teams.
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I looked at the Hate Symbols Database; no Steelers.
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I was asking myself this question the other day because I saw an SUV with a bunch of Trump/Blue lives matter/other right-wing "make the libs cry"-type bumper stickers that also had this logo displayed prominently -- just the graphic, no words. The plain graphic seemed out of place (because everything else was political/right-wing with words) enough that I briefly wondered if it was a white supremacist logo or something, before twigging to the Steelers connection. Obviously it might just be people who happen to be Steelers fans, but I wanted to register another data point for the idea there's some further connection.
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Steelers fans are known for hating on Cleveland and Baltimore, but I haven’t seen Steelers fandom associated with racism here in Pittsburgh.
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Pittsburgh itself is more liberal than the surrounding area, like many cities. We have problems with racism (just like everywhere else), but I don’t think it’s unusually bad here.
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The "Proud Boys" colors are black and gold, IIRC... so that might indeed be a subtle nod.
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