Testosterone depletion with retrograde ejaculation?
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I'm 58 and have less semen production, which I take as no problem. But do men still lose testosterone even though they produce less or even have dry orgasms (due to Flomax, etc.)? Yes or no? Thanks.
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Yes. Lower semen production is a symptom of dropping testosterone, not a cause. You would lose testosterone even if you never ejaculated again for the rest of your life. As you get older, your internal organs become less efficient at producing the required hormones. Happens to everyone. #agingisbullshit
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Response by poster: Okay, also let me reword my question: does any man young or old lose testosterone with every ejaculation? Every dry orgasm (older folks)? Is there something about that that simply depletes some of the hormone though you gain it back soon thereafter/whenever?
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Best answer: You lose a tiny amount that has no lasting effect on your overall testosterone levels.

Think about it a second. If you lost testosterone every time you had an orgasm to the point that it created a cumulative detriment, how would boys ever complete puberty? And what would happen to girls, would they wind up with estrogen dominance over time? That would have a radical effect on fertility for both male and female humans if it were true. Luckily, it isn’t. In fact, having sex increases testosterone levels.
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Best answer: Yup. It's a myth that ejaculating noticeably lowers your testosterone levels, and it's a myth that retrograde ejaculation is "better" for your testosterone levels.

Semen has trace amounts of testosterone in it, but not enough that losing it makes a difference to your body. If it did have a substantial amount of testosterone in it, people who consumed semen would have higher T levels. Women who had a lot of oral sex with men would risk growing beards and body hair and getting deeper voices. Athletes who had a lot of oral sex with men would have bigger muscles and better endurance. Gay trans men would be able to transition just by having oral sex with enough cis men. None of that stuff happens in the real world. That tells you that semen is not testosterone-rich enough to make a difference.
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