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I love SFF, but I'm terrible at keeping up with new releases and authors. Which monthly magazines should I be reading?

I only have access to the US Kindle store. Online magazines are fine too, but those with PDF downloads are very much preferable so I can read them on my iPad. I'm mainly looking for magazines in English, but would also like to branch into French and Spanish for reading practice if they're available.

Off the top of my head, I really only know of Apex Magazine since I recently bought an issue. And though I'm sure browsing similar would get me some of what I want, I trust hivemind recommendations over Amazon's. Is there a monthly round-up of different magazine issues listed somewhere? (A previous Ask that I missed in search?) Thank you!
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I can’t speak to availability on Kindle per se, but some of the top SFF magazines right now are, in no particular order: Fireside Fiction, Lightspeed, Escape Pod, Uncanny Magazine, Fiyah.

Happy reading!
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Shimmer has a digital (epub/kindle/whatever, I think you get to pick) subscription option, and ebook collections of past stories.
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I love Beneath Ceaseless Skies (and they have a subscription option that's directly emailed to your Kindle).

Shimmer is terrific, but I (very sadly) have to note that they're closing down soon.
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Analog, Asimov's, and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction are available
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I wouldn't normally rec Orson Scott Card, but I have to admit that the Intergalactic Medicine Show usually has some pretty good stuff.
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Most of the magazines I'd recommend (with an e-pub version) have already been mentioned, with the exception of Clarkesworld.
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I've been a subscriber to F&SF for decades, first in print then on the Kindle. Highly recommend.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so far! (I’d mark best answers but it’d be a wall of green) Looking forward to checking these out :)
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