I need help with healthcare.gov
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I have not received my 2017 1095a from healthcare.gov. I have called so many times and I still have no answers why we don't have it or when we'll get it. My extension to file taxes is about to run out. What can I do?

I have been calling since March and have an open ticket that has not been resolved. The call center people are shocked to see a ticket open this long with no resolution but they can't let me talk to the people who review the escalations. I have called 5 or 6 times and everyone time they escalate it and I never get a call back. They have the correct phone number for me. I called again today and had it escalated again. But still no 1095. What can I do? Who can I call? I am so frustrated with this whole thing and I am running out of time!!!
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You can always file your taxes and then file an amended return when you have full information, if needed.

You can also contact your member of Congress and ask them to request the information; agencies sometimes respond more quickly when to Congressional inquiries than they do to individuals.
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I agree with Mr. Know-it-some and, further, you can call the IRS help line and talk to someone there about what you should do. I've heard they are very helpful.
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If you log in to your account at healthcare.gov, is the doc in your messages?
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I am not a CPA, so please do take this with a grain of salt, but don't you only need that form to file if you've received or are requesting the premium tax credit? I would still want to get it for my records but I wouldn't hold off on filing.
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don't you only need that form to file if you've received or are requesting the premium tax credit?

There are some other reasons, like claiming an unaffordability exemption. That said, are you 100 percent sure you need the form? If you were covered for the whole year or you know for sure which months you had coverage, you can probably file without it. Have you gone through a prep site/ the paper forms and found a point where you need it? Please share with us the step you are on if that is the case.
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We have an tax preparer/accountant. I'm not sure how good he is...he says we can't file without it. It is not in our messages at healthcare.gov. My husband will be home this evening with more info from our tax guy. I'll update then.
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Ok so a couple years ago I forgot to include the 1095 info on my taxes and they sent me a letter a few months later asking me to submit it. They didn't charge me a fine or anything, I even called them to confirm that I wouldn't be penalized and the person I talked to was very helpful and said it wasn't something they typically penalized people for.

Anecdata, perhaps, is not as reassuring as having the doc in hand, but nothing terrible happened to me if that makes you feel better.
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he says we can't file without it
He is right - I was confusing the A and B versions of the form. Many B versions just have a single X on them for 12 months of coverage. The A versions have monthly amounts that you do need. I agree with the above answers and suggest you talk to the IRS first and then contact both Senators and your Representative.
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I hadn’t received my 1095a in April, so I filed my taxes using amounts from my own records. In June, I received a letter from the IRS requesting the form, so I called healthcare.gov and escalated again. Eventually they sent the form, but the numbers were incorrect. I called the IRS, and they advised me to send in the incorrect 1095 along with a letter explaining the issue. A couple of weeks later I had my refund (based on the correct amounts in my letter, not the 1095a). Someone from healthcare.gov also called me to follow up, and said that the issue had been with my insurance company.

TLDR: You can file without the form, but you’ll probably need it eventually. You may want to call your insurance company to see if they have what you need, and also call the IRS for advice.
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