Really fresh tropical fruits in Chicago?
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Where can I buy the very best mangoes and papayas--and others if you have suggestions--in Chicago (north side if possible, but not a deal-breaker)? I love sweet or tangy fruits, but I'm 100% certain I have never had a "good" papaya or mango in my life, let alone a great one. Are they possible to find in Chicago, and if so, how do I choose for ripeness and flavor once I see one?

I'm tired of apples, cherries, and berries being my only "local" farmer-market fruits. I love them all dearly, but I haven't had any truly delicious citrus fruits since I was in Italy, a million years ago, and I'm willing to bet money that none of the mangoes or papayas I've had in my life tasted or felt they way they're supposed to. Please help!
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hmmmm... Maybe the Indian & Pakistani Grocery stores on Devon Avenue?
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Run, don’t walk to the Patel Brothers at 2610 w Devon and ask for Pakistani (yellow) mangoes. Soooo good
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The Indian mango season is basically over though - you likely won't be getting the best mangoes now. Honestly I've in the US for ten years now and I haven't had a mango to compare with those in India here. They're highly perishable and have a very short season.
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When I lived in Roger's Park (some 6 years ago), there was a lot of migrant workers who would sell fruit out of the beds of their trucks. I used to love La Azteca Produce on the SE corner of Clark and Estes. I haven't been recently, however, so keep that in mind. There's a whole little section of hispanic stores near that intersection. There, and by the morse red line, is where i'd typically see the fruit trucks post up
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