Feed my kitten from my fridge
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My dog ate all the cat food. I am not able to get to the store tomorrow because I work all day and the grocery store closes early, but I’m sure she’ll be hungry. Potential kitten-friendly foods that I have: rotisserie chicken, eggs, milk, half and half, yogurt, rice. What should I feed her to tide her over until tomorrow? She is about 3 months old.
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Eggs are good if you cook them. Or the chicken, if you remove the skin and bones. I’d stay away from the dairy; it’s not actually good for cats.
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Don't give her the milk, she doesn't have the right enzymes to digest it and neither of you will have a nice night. Shred up the chicken close to the bone and maybe mash it up into an egg yolk if she prefers very wet food...unless the chicken is very garlicky or oniony! Both are not good for kitties blood pressure, though a very small amount won't hurt her once.
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A little rice is good, just cook it very very soft - if you have chicken stock you can use that as long as it's low sodium and not too garlicky/oniony. Mash up a hard boiled egg and bits of the chicken and mix with some soft rice to bulk it up a bit and make a texture that's perhaps more familiar to your kitty. This was the vet-approved food I used to entice my previous cat to eat when she was struggling to do so because of illness.
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Take off the skin and use the chicken meat, only. Nthing the above advice for rice and egg yolk EXCEPT only use the rice if you don't have enough chicken meat. Felines are exclusively carnivores and only eat grass for digestive purposes on occasion. Removing the skin removes most of the onion/garlic. They don't eat grains, although rice won't hurt your kitten, it's just not nutritionally dense like he/she needs kitten food to be. Egg yolk is A++. I mean, cook it or soft boil if your eggs are sketchy, if it's organic go raw if kitty will eat it.

So, your biggest problem longterm if you are going with a raw food homemade diet is adding Taurine, which is essential for cats. For a day or two this is not a deal breaker and your cat will be happy.

Cheers! Bows to your new feline overlord!
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Yup, nthing all the above. The cooked chicken alone will be enough for a day or two, just make very very sure there are no bones or seasoned skin. The eggs are fine if she’ll eat them, and the rice in a pinch, but cats are carnivores in the wild. That said, a day or two is totally fine if she’ll eat. Avoid the dairy, most cats are actually lactose intolarent, even if they don’t know it (glares at my ice-cream stealing fuzzballs...).
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She's going to looove the chicken (no skin, bones as above). Or if she's like my two she'll find it puzzling and will drag bits all over the floor before eating it. Give only a little at a time or doggy is going to Hoover up cat dinner take 2 too.
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Just chicken. No rice needed. No dairy of any kind. Just chicken will be fine for one day. Cats do not need grain. A cat's perfect food is a mouse or a bird, so chicken is just fine.
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As above: chicken / eggs are fine. Take care not to leave any bones/splinters in the chicken.
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