More shirts like this one?
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I stumbled upon this shirt in a 'hippie store', fell in love with it, and bought the other ones the company offers, but could really use a couple more. What I like: 100% cotton, thin light fabric (it looks like a hoodie or a "baja", yes, but the fabric is a light woven gauze that breathes really well), hood, and BIG POCKET.

Googling for things like "hood shirt kangaroo pocket" gets me a lot of regular thick hooded sweatshirts with novelty prints etc which isn't what I want. This is clearly a 'shirt' not a sweatshirt, it's as thin as a handkerchief, and thus it provides me some sun coverage while still being breezy and cool, which I really like. 100% natural fabric is a must but otherwise I'm not fussy on color/pattern.
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I have seen similar at Grateful Dead shows in the parking lot (aka Shakedown Street). Dead & Company is touring. Maybe see if they are in your area?

Also, I have seen them referred to as Guatemalan shirts. No clue if that is accurate, but it may help with your online searches.
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I'd call that a Baja hoodie
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Try searching "Baja Tunic"
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Best answer: You might have some luck including some phrases like "hippie" or "festival"

This site has a section called Festival Clothing and this "smock" looks like it might be close to what you are looking for.
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Best answer: I just got back from a trip to Nepal and it looks like every shirt in the backpacker stores there. They are comfortable. I found this on amazon and it looks like they have a couple of other colours too.
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Response by poster: Thank you very much!! I also see that googling "hooded grandad shirt" gets me a lot of them.... never would have guessed 'grandad'.

*chases kids off lawn*
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Just to piggyback on this ... anyone know of sources for this kind of shirt in big & tall sizes? I'm a rather big guy -- most of these are in small/medium, etc.
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Response by poster: WCityMike, I got a couple of these and they're good, although they do shrink a size if you wash them in the machine like I did >.< and they go up to a 52-53" chest, if that might do
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