Is this Normnany accommodation familiar to anyone?
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Accommodation in Normandy: St Martin Des Besaces. Anyone on MeFi ever stayed at La Fermette or Le Petit Manoir?

We're considering booking one of the places, but on the off chance (but AsMe continues to surprise me) that any reader is personally familiar with the accommodation, we would really appreciate any positive/negative/general impressions of the place
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Normally I'd recommend Tripadvisor, but they've got nothing for these places. Best of luck.
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Seeing as there are few responses to this question, I'll add a not very useful answer. I stayed in a rented cottage outside St Martin des B. for two months, something like 17 years ago. It's possible the place I stayed was La Fermette (it definitely wasn't Le Petit Manoir), although my memories are too fuzzy to recall for sure. But even if I could identify it with certainty, I obviously couldn't tell you much about the accomodation as it is today.

My general recollection is that the place I stayed was rustic but comfortable, in a rural, quiet, and pretty part of Normandy.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. I didn't hold out a lot of hope, but you never know with AskMe. ;)
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