Who the heck did I send that to??
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Outlook Express: Is there an easy way to open a message in my Sent Messages folder and see who I sent the message to as a BCC?

In Outlook (not Express), I can easily view the list of everyone I sent a particular email to just by opening the message as saved in the Sent Messages folder -- the list of addresses is all right there. In Outlook Express, I can't seem to replicate this function. Is there some setting I can change that will allow me (the sender) to view whom I sent this email to?

This answer on a Outlook Express help site seems to say that there is no such setting, but I was hoping the collective wisdom of MeFi might have a better answer than File -> Properties -> Details.
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file-properties-details works for me in Outlook Express 6 - I just now checked that it worked.

I highlight the message, right click and select properties and then select the details tab - the bcc info is there. Otherwise open the message, select file and then properties and details. What version of Outlook Express are you using (perhaps that matters)?
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