Pro-Choice Support In Under Represented Areas
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With Kennedy leaving SCOTUS and the threat to Roe v. Wade, I want to financially support the small rural organizations who are in the trenches providing emotional, logistical and financial support in underrepresented areas. ( Midwest, South, etc.) All suggestions will be an ppreciated
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You can donate to region-specific Planned Parenthood organizations (e.g., PP of Indiana and Kentucky, PP of the Heartland, PP Southeast) here.
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Take a look at the National Network of Abortion funds. You can use their site to find local abortion funds. The Lilith Fund is a fund that supports women in Texas seeking abortion, for example.
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National Network of Abortion Funds is a network of over 70 abortion funds across the country. Abortion funds are groups that provide financial support for pregnant people in need, and may also offer logistical support like housing and transportation for states where there are few clinics or waiting periods. You can donate to NNAF, or you can donate to the specific funds found on this map that cover rural areas.

I'll also put in a plug for the organization I work for Lady Parts Justice League. Through our Clinic Support program, we travel across the country working with independent abortion clinics who may not have much local community support. We do small things like provide emotional TLC through meals, happy hours and other treats to thank them for standing on the front lines to keep abortion safe and accessible. We've also done hands on things landscaping for beauty and privacy, removing graffiti, and repainting fences, parking lot lines, or property line boundaries. Increasingly, we find contractors to do work for clinics like build fences, fix doors and plumbing, or other tasks that need skilled labor because often everyone in their community refuses to do the work. Last year we supported 28 clinics in 24 states. This year we are on track to double that number. We also work to actively help build ans strengthen the local pro-choice activist community.
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I vouch for Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates. They do more in AL than PP, who tell women every single day "We're full, go to Mississippi." They help women to travel, secure accommodation for the mandatory wait period, provide transportation, man escort lines every single day, and provide funding, which they pay directly to the clinics.
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I can vouch for Midwest Access Coalition, which is sort of an underground railroad for women seeking abortions to (mostly) travel to Chicago, an abortion-friendly city with a network of assistance from volunteers who handle transportation, lodging, medication, food, and other costs.
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I can vouch for Founder's Women's Health Center in Columbus, OH, and I donate to Women Have Options, which helps women in Ohio access contraception, emergency contraception, and abortions.
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Planned Parenthood doesn't have any substantial presence in North Dakota - what we've got is Red River Women's Clinic, the only provider in the state, if you're looking for specific places providing pro-choice women's care.
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The West Fund, based in El Paso, serves the area around the Texas border.
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I donate to the NNAF's Dr Willie Parker Fund For Abortion Access In The South. Dr. Parker is an African American doctor whose deeply thought-through Christian faith called him to learn to perform abortions. (I filled in the "in honour of" boxes with the name "Mike Pence." Pence won't be notified because I didn't fill in his email address, but typing his name there satisfied my inner, spiteful, aggressive, trouble-makin' Canada Goose.)

The NNAF also has a Dr. George Tiller Fund.
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Taking the longer view, I love working with Medical Students for Choice. They do really important work making sure that medical students have access to abortion training/education, thus "creating tomorrow's abortion providers and pro-choice physicians."
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I can't figure out how to reply with a quote, but I love kimdog's response!

I am the media coordinator for Pro Choice South Bend, a small (but mighty!) grassroots organization in South Bend, Indiana. This spring, we were able to stop a crisis pregnancy center from opening next door to a proposed abortion clinic.

Some of our partners include Irish 4 Reproductive Health, which just filed suit against the University of Notre Dame regarding insurance coverage for birth control, and All Options Pregnancy Resource Center, which is suing the state of Indiana with help from Whole Woman's Health to roll back TRAP laws and other barriers to care.

I can also vouch for the Midwest Action Project, which does a terrific job of linking patients with providers.

As a side note, thank you for asking the question, goalyeehah. Although everyone I know in the trenches is passionate about reproductive justice, this work is really hard. Just knowing that you care enough to inquire makes me feel warm and fuzzy right now.
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