Nuremburg WTF?
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I was in Nuremburg, Germany a few years ago and saw a bizarre piece of public art that puzzled me and the Internets has let me down. It is a giant rabid looking rat-like creature (made of copper?) that appears to be going on a rampage. It was located prominently near a castle in the walled city. Can anybody tell me what this horrific sculpture is all about?
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Was it a giant rabbit at the house of Albrecht Durer? (photo in middle column, "Two rabbit statues outside Durer's house")
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Here is a different angle.
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Response by poster: Yes. That's it. Welcome to my nightmare.
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Rampaging? I think it looks like it's being eaten alive by its own furry bunny spawn -- clearly this is some sort of sick rabbit Rorschach test.
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Apperently, it's an interpretation of "A Young Hare" by Dürer. I agree that it's a bit scary.
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The statue is outside Albrecht Durer's house. Durer [1471 - 1528] was a painter and engraver who did paint a few rabbits [get your rabbit playing cards here].

As to why it is so grotesque - it could be a mash up of his pretty rabbit and his monstrous sow of Landser.
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Response by poster: Egads. What are they putting in the Nuremberg's water?
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The rabbit is indeed grotesque (no doubt deliberately), but I bet you're thinking of the Fountain of Love aka the Wedding Fountain, explained here and here. as a representation, based on a 1541 poem, of the stages of love and marriage -- at the end, the participants are ready to kill each other. More photos at the German Wikipedia.
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