When do The Good Place episodes show up on Hulu?
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Do The Good Place episodes usually show up on Hulu shortly after broadcast?

We discovered the show late (a couple months ago), and watched Season 1 on Netflix and Season 2 on the NBC roku app, which requires a cable subscription. Now we’re thinking about dropping cable tv, and the only thing that’s giving me pause is not knowing how long we’d have to wait to see Season 3 of The Good Place. If they show up a day or two after broadcast, that’s fine. I’d be less fine if it takes months, because I’m dying to find out what happens next.
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It shows up the next day.
posted by hazel79 at 6:44 PM on June 30, 2018

Yep! Day after broadcast!
posted by cooker girl at 6:55 PM on June 30, 2018

I, uh, have found they're usually are up around midnight after airing.
posted by lovecrafty at 7:38 PM on June 30, 2018

Also, you can get an antenna and watch NBC over the air. Having cut the cable long ago and gone all-streaming, I’ve gotten out of the habit of watching anything as it’s broadcast — but I will do it for The Good Place. Though I’m very glad Hulu gets it next-day, because sometimes I can’t drop everything to watch TV on someone else’s schedule.
posted by snowmentality at 7:51 PM on June 30, 2018

Thanks everyone! That was exactly what I needed to know.
posted by creepygirl at 4:59 PM on July 15, 2018

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