Song heard in Dick's Sporting Goods...what was it?
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Identify this song "Gather round gather round gather round..." in the new-funk style...omg halp.

I was in Dick's Sporting Goods last night and a song came on I've never heard. I tried to open google to listen to it but it wouldn't open. I tried googling lyrics as it played and thought I'd found it. I had not, and now I don't remember the rest of the words and I'm sad because it was a slapper. Even went so far as to contact the Dick's store, who tells me they get a playlist from corporate but don't know what the songs are.

Details as I remember them:

It sounds like the new takes on funk that we're seeing from like Bruno Marks or maybe Mark Ronson

There were a lot of voices in the song, one in particular sorta sounded like an old man.

Several of the lines were more spoken, maybe in a B-52's style, or maybe like Monster Mash.

The talking sorta voice of the old-man sounding guy would sorta tell a story and then be like "Now gather round" and then later on "gather round gather round gather round"...and some group singing in call/reply style.

It was NOT -
Gather Round by Earth Wind and Fire
Gather Round by Elliott Yamin
Gather Round by Two-9
It wasn't Third Day or the Kinks either.
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Response by poster: coevals thanks so much for trying, but that's not it! This fella is way too young and this is way more old school rap than the song I heard. Thanks though!
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Best answer: No guesses from my brain, but I googled it and this sounds just like what you described: Rizzle Kicks - Put Your Two's Up.

By the way, I personally still use Shazam and it amazes me how it can pick up songs in noisy stores where the music source is far away, and usually quickly.
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Oh my god! I’ve been meaning to ask this question here for YEARS. I know exactly what song you’re talking about.......... but unfortunately I don’t know what song it actually is either. :’( But your description is almost word for word how I described it at the time.

I’ll be watching...
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OK pretty sure AppleTurnover got it!
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What the HELL did you google?
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She. And I have a browser extension that lets me highlight text and drag it to google it, so I just highlighted and googled "gather round gather round gather round" from your question. The lyrics were the second result.
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