My cat sh*t on my sheepskin rug
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What it says on the tin. Please help me clean it up.

Requisite kitty photos: one, two, blep

I screwed up and forgot to clean out his litter this morning when I was running late to work. My little furball sent me a message. I received it. And I feel like an ass. I've put procedures in place to ensure that he never again feels the need to do his business anywhere other than his sparkling clean litter box. Accordingly, *not seeking advice on how to prevent him doing this in the future*, I've already obtained solid advice and input on that front.

How do I clean this? How do I avoid staining? How do I avoid permanent residual odor? It's a white, 100% sheepskin rug, about 5' x 8'. Real fur, not synthetic fiber/faux fur.

He basically shat in the middle of the rug and then tried to cover it up with the hair fibers (not very successfully), so he managed to work some of it deep into the rug. But about 80% is still in untouched, un-smooshed form.

I've got rubber cleaning gloves. I've got a of couple bathtubs I could soak it in. I have a brush that is meant specifically for sheepskin. I'm open to whatever chemicals/cleaners/all-natural products I need to get for it. Or dry-cleaning. But I have to get the majority of it out somehow before hauling it off to the dry-cleaner (if a dry-cleaner is a requirement), and I'd like to do it with minimal collateral damage.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Best answer: Follow this links directions here. You will need sheepskin wool wash. Not woolight or wool only wash. Pick out the solids and you can use a cheap plastic fork to comb out even more solids. I would follow the washing directions and let air dry and see if there is even a smell. Good luck! This happened to me too but my girl didn't "cover" so it was a matter of picking out then washing.
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Hi! I use sheepskins on my leather sofas, and our dogs have access to the sofas. A few years ago our sheeps were smelling really doggy, so I washed them in the washing machine (small amount of Tide, cold water, gentle cycle) and dried them outside in the sun. When dry, they were stiff so I treated the leather side with Dr Martens Wonder Balsam and worked it through. That was... eight years ago? I took this photo today, of my dog enjoying a sheep on the sofa.
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Best answer: Roll up and secure the ends that are not soiled and spot clean the middle with wool wash or similar non-dye eco friendly clothes detergent and a lot of water. Try REALLY hard not to saturate the underside.

Let drip dry outside. Treat the backing with balm or just brush the fur and let the spots that got stiff on the backing soften up on its own.

If you want to use an essential oil to deter your cat from the rug, mix drops w/ vodka in a spray bottle and spritz the rug from time to time.

I have a bunch of sheep skins, that's how I clean them.
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Best answer: Fullers earth , make paste , work in let dry, brush out .
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(Sean Connery voice) so the cat shat on the mat did it? after the above, hang it out in fresh air /direct sunlight as long as possible?
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