what are you up to?
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What kind of stuff are you planning to do in 2006? After finding out about lebowskifest I am convinced that there are some seriously cool things I don't even know that I don't know about.

... so, this isn't a new year's resolution type thing. Just looking for what kinds of things you are planning to do in 2006. Some stuff I am going to: skiing , a pro football game, see a local waterfall, do some volunteering, rock climbing, photographing old steel mills, niagra falls, a trip to pittsburgh, chicago trip, lebowskifest, white water rafting, amusement park, rodeo, Let's go to Maine! Cross country skiing and snowshoes, Grand Ol' Opry, more local band shows, hockey, Horse Racing...

So, what are you up to?
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I'm going to ride my bike long distances and not coast. 200K and 300K seems quite do-able, longer distances seem a little daunting but goals are good.
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Let's go to Maine right now! (I'm not going to have an affair this year, despite quoting the song.)

Run a lot, in two long races, one of which will only be held this year.

Go to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Get my shit together (tomorrow).

I'd like to learn how to make a really good thai curry.
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Response by poster: Wow- two good things already that I forgot. Getting recommitted to biking to work( maybe doing a longer distance ride) and running in a race (probably 5k-types for my sorry butt). Thanks! Keep them coming.
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I thought more about the question, and wanted to give a more philosophical answer:

I like to both try new things and do things that build on what has come before, things that I could not do without having done something similar as a new thing last year or a few years ago. So, for me, that means, taking a trip to a part of the world I haven't visited before, expanding my long race schedule from one long race to one at the beginning and one at the end of the season. I also want to do things that I will only have this year to do. Examples are run in the first National Marathon in April, even though it isn't quite at the right time for me, and run the Mother Road 100 linked above, because even though I have no real desire to run a 100 on the road, it's only offered this year. Other examples of stuff I like to pick to do: large reading projects, large writing projects, take a class in something I'm interested in but haven't done (I took a wheel throwing pottery class last year).
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Won't be doing it this year, but have in the past and hope to again in the future: the Mackinac Bridge Walk.
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i always wanted to go and i think this year we will make the drive to the Pumpkin Chuckin' in delaware. i like seeing veggies fly.
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Well my plans have been cancelled....
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I will be going to the 25th annual Large Dangerous Rocket Ships Festival in June in Amarillo, Texas. Yee-haw! And Kaboom!
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I'm going to see the Nields sisters tomorrow night. Beyond that i have no plans.
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The World Baseball Classics, Stitches West, Vegas (natch), a couple trips down to Mexico for beer and lobster, lots of concerts for unheard of bands at local hole in the wall venues.
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If they hold it again in 2006--and they probably will--I want to go to the X-Prize Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico and watch rocket racing!
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Two of the best documentary film festivals in the country: True/False in Columbia, MO and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
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Winter Music Conference in Miami.
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Even though I am a vegetarian, how can I resist the Spam Festival? I hear the Spam Museum is great too. Maybe I'll go today.
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The Spam Festival is in Austin and is known as, that's right, Spamarama. I've never been, though.
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I should say that Spamarama is in Austin, Texas. It's appears there's a Spam Fest or "Spam Jam" in Austin, Minnesota. Confusing.
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Not in the Northeast anymore, but still might go to the Newport Folk Festival in August.
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I'm starting a new job, going from a two-car household to a one-car household, moving to a new city, getting married, visiting Mexico for the first time, and -- hopefully -- going skiing.
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I'm going to the Chelsea Flower show in London with me mum.
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Run three triathlons.
Record an album.
Learn to surf.
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I'll be at the first post-Katrina Mardi Gras, which we fully expect to be one of the craziest ones yet.
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The Exit Festival, Serbia.
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Improve my surfing.
Travel somewhere exciting (location undetermined...up to my Mom, actually)
Swim the length of a local river to highlight water quality issues.
Re-landscape my yard.
Receive my doctoral hood.
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The Iowa Summer Writing Festival
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