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I would like to read the essay “The Making of a Maori Working Class: Trans-Tasman Migration and Colonial Development in New South Wales, 1806-40″ by Rohan Howitt but I'm having trouble finding it. Does any one know where I can find a copy online or in person in Sydney, Australia.
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He has a research student profile at Sydney, so you could always drop him an email and ask - it's not on their repository but that may be because it is in the process of being printed and isn't available (although even for pre-print, at my institution would still put the metadata up for public consumption.)
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I agree you should contact the author if possible. I was unable to find any metadata for the essay or the author in any of the databases my university subscribes to (which is most of the major ones in most fields), so my guess is that is has not been published or submitted to any journals. It sounds great, though, I'd like to read it too.
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It looks like this essay was the winning paper for the 2015 Max Kelly Medal from the History Council of NSW, which explains why it isn’t accessible through more typical journals/databases. As far as I can tell, they haven’t published it online in any public-facing way, although I imagine they have a digital copy and maybe a physical anthology of past winners.. perhaps reach out to the Council/NSW? (Though you still might prefer to reach out to the author directly.)
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(Oops, that slash is misleading -- I imagine reaching out to the entire government of New South Wales will not be the most productive strategy :-p but the History Council of NSW should have some answers!)
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