How do I correct this highlighted word that's tied to my gmail account?
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Screenshot. More detail below the fold.

Is this called an email alias?

"Inneroomph" is from a 10 year-old defunct business I briefly did some Wordpress development for. The email thread started with me submitting a form. Could this form possibly be pulling in the Wordpress account username tied to my email?

On other email threads I will reliably get: On XYZ time/date, My Real Name < > wrote:
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Any chance the person (Matt) who's responding to you there has you in their address book as "Inneroomph"? I believe that typically the "So and So wrote" line is generated by the email client of the person sending the reply, not the person receiving it (in this case, you are the receiver).
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No, this is the first time I've contacted Matt, or anyone at his business.

For reference, the form is here:
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I believe the above this correct. This has nothing to do with your account.
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If you open Gmail in a browser, then go to Settings (the gear icon, then settings), then the Accounts and Import tab...

Does the information under Send Mail As read as Inneroomph < > ?

If so, you can click edit info to fix that.

If not, I bow out!
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Good thought @slipthought, but no - Send mail has the correct name (my real name.)
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Do you have a profile on google plus? I've seen gmail pull info for some of my contacts from there. If you go to the account switcher (top right circle icon in gmail) you can see if there's a profile link.
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Check your google accounts maybe?
- Go to
- In the box for "Personal info & privacy", check what is under "Name". Click on it to change it.
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Unfortunately no. My google account and my google+ profile both have the correct name associated.

I'm going to do a couple things: 1) delete that old wordpress account and 2) ask Matt why he has me listed as Inneroomph.
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I just fixed this on my own account. Even though it was my own address, and even though it was fine for some mail, for some reason incoming mail from certain senders would have my name as "Google Voice."

Go to Google Contacts.

Search for the email address in question.

In the results that appear, hover your mouse to the far right of the line that contains the wrong name. You will see a pencil icon.

Click that to edit the name.

Save your changes.

That should do it.
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I love metafilter. Way to go team!
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