Queer feminist tarot deck in Seattle?
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My friend mentioned a queer feminist tarot deck that she wanted that was available for purchase in Seattle. I don't know what it's called or where she saw it but I need to find it before Saturday!

I thought she said it was at Ada's but when I asked they were like "yeah no we do science here." Her partner and other friends don't know what it's called. I checked at Edge of the Circle and they said most of the queer feminist decks are out of print. I haven't checked Elliott Bay yet but that's next on my list. Any ideas for a queer feminist deck I could get her that's available in Seattle before Saturday?
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My guess based on a time-restricted search online is the Next World Tarot, available at Elliott Bay according to the artist's site.
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Is it the Numinous Tarot Deck? I think the artist may be based in Seattle. I'm not sure if/where the deck can be purchased in person, though--it looks like it might just be available through the artist's webshop. You might contact them...
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It might be the Slow Holler deck, which is definitely queer and feminist, but also quite southern. It's fantastic. It's also maybe an unlikely answer, since it's been sold out for a while so probably isn't in stock at m/any bookstores.
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I have absolutely no clue if this is available in Seattle, but could it be She Is Sitting In the Night/Thea’s Tarot? Very queer and feminist.
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Could be the Dark Days tarot! Seattle artist who is married to a woman, beautiful queer friendly art. It's a gorgeous deck, you can explore it on her website.
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Noel Arthur Heimpel, creator of the above mentiontiond Numinous Tarot deck, does indeed live in Seatle - so my money would be on this being the one. It looks like the deck is for sale here.
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Any of these ring a bell? The shopowner's big on feminist queer alternative tarot decks.
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