Wedding arrangements in Chicago
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The wonderful, fantastic, exhilarating news is that we're getting married in Chicago in June. The less-good news is that we live in different cities, neither of which is anywhere near Chicago. So we could use a little help putting together the pieces, like florists, photographers, DJs, and oh yeah someone to actually do the marrying. And we've like got four months to do it in.

We've got a date (mid-June) and a venue (in the northern suburbs). We could really use help with finding an officiant, and hiring a florist, a photographer, and DJ. We've got a few tentative leads on the last categories, but the first is pretty mystifying. Any help is welcome, especially specific recommendations.
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Best answer: Since you didn't specifically say "a priest" or "a rabbi" or "a snake-handler," I'm assuming you want some sort of non-traditional/semi-secular ceremony. If that's the case, you could try contacting the Celebrant USA Foundation. They only seem to list one person for Illinois at the moment, but they definitely have members who are not listed on the site, so give them a call and maybe they can put you in touch with someone.
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Make sure you know everything required by the County Clerk's Office, well at least assuming your wedding will be in Cook county...
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Best answer: I got married in the northern suburbs of Chicago two Junes ago. I'll look up my vendors and get back to you tonight at home. I know there was an officiant through the chapel we used that was ecumenical and highly recommended... I'll have a good lead there. I just learned our awesome photographer moved to Boston, so that's no help. Our florist was amazing and incredibly reasonable ($)-- call Amy at The Rose Cottage. They also have Tami who does day-of wedding coordinating-- best money I ever spent-- she handled all the bumps and emergencies and managed my crazy family so I could enjoy the day.

I found a lot of help through the Wedding Channel message boards in the Chicago region. I got my bridesmaids dresses cheap from New York from a tip there.

Four months is totally do-able. I didn't start planning until mid Feb for our June 20 wedding and had no problem. If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help-- email me through my profile. Congratulations, by the way!
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Best answer: For DJ we had a lot of luck with beep media. Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but our DJ (Carrie) was excellent at managing the reception without overdoing it. Take a look at their website and see if it appeals to you. Our photographer was great as well - he really captured little moments without overdoing it. And congrats!
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Yes, second for the Andrew Collings as the chicago photographer.
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Best answer: Definitley have her log on to The Knot. Especially the Talk section, where she'll find boards divided into cities and states. Many helpful brides there who can give advice on pretty much ANYTHING including vendors and how the heck to pull it off. The Knot also has tons of articles and checklists to guide you along.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help so far, folks. Staggernation, thanks particularly for the new word -- I didn't think about 'celebrant' being a synonym for what we want (and yes, anything up to and including snake-handler is on the table).
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Narrowing it down to a specific suburb might be helpful.

If your wedding is to be held at a place where weddings regularly occur, they're likely to have a list of vendors, sure to include a florist or two.
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Response by poster: Narrowing it down to a specific suburb might be helpful.

Lake Forest. And yep, we're soliciting suggestions from the venue, a country club that does weddings regularly, but I'm nervous about being railroaded toward somebody's cousin. Plus they're no help at all with the celebrant/officiant end of things.
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Best answer: Here is the officiant who was recommended to me. I already had a pastor so I didn't inquire, but I've heard good things about him. He leads a community church which meets at Lake Forest College on Sunday mornings during cold months and on the beach in summer months. Coincidentally, we got married in Lake Forest as well. Are you getting married in Holt Chapel? Having your reception at The Deerpath Inn? If so, we're wedding twins.

Here are my other vendors, if you're interested.

Church: Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel @ LFC
Musicians: friends, but you could ask LFC for some talented students who would be willing to help you.
Reception: Deerpath Inn Sunday champagne brunch-- heavenly.
Stationery: save-the-date postcards-- made my own. Invitations: made by Carlson Craft-- I picked out what I wanted and then googled "Carlson Craft Discount" and found 30% off or something.
Photog: Rupert Whiteley, now of Boston. But I've heard great things about Joseph Chen, Callie Lipkin, Sandra Goldfield, and Rachael Silvers, and especially Jen Schuman.
My dress: david's bridal
My tiara: Elle Bridal in Arizona-- can't find the link--(muuuch less than anywhere else, plus, now I can vacuum in style)
Bridesmaids dresses: RK Bridal
Manicure-- the absolute best manicure you'll ever get-- Linda at Scott's Headquarters in Vernon Hills.

Thanks for asking your question-- I've gotten to relive my wedding planning today and have enjoyed it immensely! I'd be happy to help any way I can. Feel free to email me if I can help.
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