Strange problem with my gums
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DentistFilter: Help me identify something strange in my mouth

There's a half inch section of my gums that is extremely sensitive to pressure. It's been around for about a week now and I want to get some ideas about what it could be before I go to the dentist. Thanks!
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Do your gums bleed at all? Maybe Gingivitis?

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Could be an see a dentist as ASAP as these can lead to an abcess.
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I get this from time to time, and it just goes away. Although usually it doesn't last as long as a week, so I would look into it.
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I don't think you need to go to the dentist just for this, but gingivitis is usually a sign that you are due for a visit anyway.
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the health of your teeth is easily overlook as it takes months and often years for things to develop a very large portion of our society over 65 have no teeth... i believe the number is in the area of 45%... you should definitely get that check out it could be a sign of something much much worse.
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Where in your mouth? If toward the back, could be a wisdom tooth making itself known. Otherwise, what everyone else said.
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You probably have something stuck beneath the gum line. A very thorough (and potentially painful) flossing is in order. If that doesn't do it, go to the dentist. Mouth infections and other oral problems can have a large impact on your overall health.
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IANAD and you should probably go to one. That said, sometimes when you get pieces of food lodged under your gums they can feel as you described. This happens to me sometimes specifically when I eat popcorn if I can't floss it all out. The food can irriitate the gum and cause a mini-abscess. In rare cases, dislodging the food can clear all of this up, make a pathway for the mini-abscess to drain and all is well. If not, you can be causing damage to your gums and possibly to your teeth. So, I'd give the vigorous flossing the good college try and if nothing works itself out, go see a specialist, Good luck.
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Not to sound like your mother, but do you floss regularly? If not, you really should.
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And don't forget the antiseptic mouthwash! I find it helps whatever mouth injury I've developed heal much faster.
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I use a waterpick first, then apply a drop of oregano oil with a toothpick,works great,but has incredible strong, eye watering, flavor.
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