Really really really really really hard minerals
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Ok, so this is the first Metafilter question coming from my daughter, who is six. According to DK's My Book of Rocks and Minerals, "Diamond can be scratched by two known rare minerals". The book does not elaborate. What are these two minerals? Google is confusing me today.
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Best answer: This article says wurtzite boron nitride and lonsdaleite.
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Best answer: According to the Wikipedia entry on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, two substances that can scratch diamonds (and thus have a Mohs number of 11 or higher, compared to diamond's 10) are aggregated diamond nanorods ("hyperdiamonds") and rhenium diboride.
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Best answer: Russian super diamonds contain some lonsdaleite.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. She has now moved on to "what if the Moon was made of diamond; would an asteroid bounce off?" Oy vey.
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Q2: no, scratching hardness does not equal brittleness or cleavag habits or potential. Diamonds can be rather brittle and though metal.wil not scratch a diamond, you can take a metal hammer and smash a diamond. Which is to say, an asteroid would not bounce off, it would fracture the diamond moon and probably throw up a lot of little diamond shards and dust from the impact.
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A moon made of diamond might seem far fetched, but no!

Astronomers think they've found a star the size of the Earth which is essentially one big diamond.
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I'd tell her that if the moon were made of diamond and was the right shape then the asteroid might shatter but then we'd know the moon was made of diamond and fight wars over it and there'd be no moon at all.

Early education is so important.
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Q2 can be easily answered by showing her videos of workers cutting/splitting raw diamonds.
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