Where to get bulk chalk paint?
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A friend wants to do some sidewalk-type stencils with wash-away chalk paint. I've found this.. but it's rather lacking in color selection and quantity. Know where I can get this sort of thing in more colors and/or bulk?
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I am in a running group where the street trails are regularly marked with both sidewalk chalk and plops of flour. On special occasions, the person laying the trail will sometimes color the flour with food coloring (orange for Halloween, etc.)

It would be very easy to lay the stencil on the ground and just toss the flour over it to make the image, and with food coloring you can get any color you want.
Bonus: it's super cheap.
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chalk paint/spray chalk.

Much more readily available than chalk paint is spray tempura, or 'washable window spray paint' -- this is pretty much water-soluable paint in a can, pressurized. The pressure of the spray is less powerful than normal spray paint, and the cans tend to be smaller.. but your local art store might have some.
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Please thank your friend for me for pursuing his* artistic endeavors in a decidedly temporary medium. I'm not being sarcastic...I think a lot of stencils are cool--and they're certainly better looking than most ugly-ass tags--but it's nice that his won't stick around for years.

I'm being sincere. It's really cool of him to want to express himself in a way that won't anger tightasses like me who think that graffiti is ugly and dispiriting.

*Or her!
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Stencil Revolution
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