I need help unbloating an external drive
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Tag&Rename bloated my external drive and now I can't access the drive. Is there an easier/faster way to get my files off the drive?

Per numerous suggestions here on the green I downloaded and started using Tag&Rename to clean up tags and grab album art on the 12k MP3 tracks, which I store on my 160GB LaCie external drive. I was merrily chugging along when it started throwing errors. Something to the effect of "out of space". Seemed odd because those tracks and the other files on that drive only took up about 70gb of space.

I've since found out from an FAQ on the Tag&Rename website that there is a known issue with the rewriting of files on systems that have System Restore enabled, as I did.

So now my drive is inaccessible. From using a file recovery tool I can see the files are still there. So I've started using some tools (DriveRescue, which crapped out and now only lets me pull one file at a time; and FileRecovery, which lets me pull more, but craps out after a while too) to pull over files onto another external drive.

Might there be another way to go about this? The LaCie shows up as a volume, but is not fully recognized. If I try to open it I get "The disk in drive E: is not formatted. Do you want to format now?" Is it possible that if I was somehow able to delete a file from the drive I might get WinXP to fully recognize the drive? If so, how might I go about deleting a file?

If that's not likely or wicked difficult to do, are there faster or more reliable (in terms of selecting a chunk and letting them run) ways to move files from the LaCie to the new drive?

Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried accessing the drive through another operating system, like Knoppix?

I don't imagine it's a question of deleting one particular file -- it's probably a munging of the root folder or the master boot record.

Microsoft KB here and here. I wouldn't try this without working pro software, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for taking the time dhartung. Since this question wasn't getting any love I kept Googling and while I didn't find any direct/easy answers I did eventually strike on something that helped speed up the process.

I used RegistryFix and that repaired something now the recovery program I'm using can copy over several hundred to a couple thousand files at a time without crapping out on me. So I can set it and forget it for a chunk of time. I'm more than half way to recovering the majority of my files.
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