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My friend is a 22yo film/media student on exchange at UCLA and on the lookout for awesome things to do while she's there. Difficulty level: physical disability and uses crutches to get around. What are the best accessible places and activities that LA has to offer, apart from the obvious theme parks?
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I'm a big fan of the Marciano Art Foundation, which has an amazing Olofur Eliasson exhibit on right now.
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Quick question: is she able to drive or does she rely on public transportation? I can't drive (for low vision reasons, not mobility) and used to live in LA so I have some familiarity with that. Otherwise, using rideshare options helped a lot and there are a TON of drivers in LA who use them so I never had to wait very long.

I used to work at UCLA and it's not the easiest campus to walk around on (many hills and steps). If she hasn't gotten in touch with the school's disability services, I would recommend that she do that. There may be services she can use to make getting around campus easier.

If she feels ok walking around museums (I don't know how tiring that is for her), she might enjoy the Getty. Parking is free and there is a tram that everyone takes up the mountain. The view is beautiful from up there and there aren't a ton of options to get those views if you're not a hiker. The museum itself is also great and I don't recall offhand if it would be too challenging to walk around in.
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The Bradbury Building and Central Market are across the street from each other. I think Central Market should be doable unless it's really crowded. There's a bunch of other stuff in the area, but some is up the hill and so would depend on transportation.
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Missed the edit window. Admission is free but you pay for parking. The Getty Center I recommend she look at their site to gauge if it would be too inaccessible, though. There are stairs at the entrance, but I believe there are also ramps. I recall elevators inside.
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I recommend, which is the website of the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences. They regularly offer knock out lectures by filmmakers. I got to hear Henry Selick lecture on Coraline, and see a pristine print of 2001, just to name two. The lectures cost five dollars. Also, The Margaret Herrick Library is a treasure trove of original film memorabilia with originals scripts from, say Alfred Hitchcock and the like. Syd Mead, for chissake, talk about making the sets for Blade Runner. Not to miss.
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I think anyone spending the summer in Los Angeles should pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and some cheap wine and see the LA Phil play at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s truly sublime.
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