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I have an Amazon-IT gift certificate for a small amount (less than 20 euros). I have an Amazon US account and an Amazon UK account. Is there anything I can reasonably do with this gift certificate?

It seems pointless to make a new Amazon IT account just for this small amount, and I would think much of it will get eaten up in postage anyway as I am based in the UK. Any suggestions? Or should I just let it lapse?
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You dont have to make a new account, just log in with your same credentials. Prime Day is coming up so, you can do the free 30 day trial and get lesser postage costs. (cit. I've bought stuff from .it, .de, .fr, .com and with the same login for all)
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Postage might not be as terrible as you think - I regularly buy books from with a UK Amazon Prime account. I'd bet there's a way to get reasonable value out of it (with a Prime trial, as described above)
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Thanks both! This is very helpful.
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