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I want to buy an awesome lawn sign for my huge front yard to show my support for a good cause/against trump (oh and a tee shirt or hat to use for marches). Profits should support a good cause. We’re an immigrant family within a rather wealthy, white neighborhood. Where/what to buy?
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A lot of people in my neighborhood have these (or a version thereof) that read "No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor" in different languages.
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I was about to post the link to that site too. According to the site "Proceeds benefit efforts to spread and scale up the message of the “Welcome Your Neighbors” signs as well as support local community-building organizations. The Mennonite Church is one of the "historic peace churches". You can, of course, make your own signs, using your own words or someone else's.
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Came here to post the link that exogenous beat me to. The're ubiquitous here in DC. The distant second-most-common would be Black Lives Matter signs.

Googling also came up with this sign, which is a great alternative and comes in multiple forms.

I'm not sure that either one translates well to hats or tees, since they're very house-oriented, but I'm sure others have ideas for those! I'm in love with this hat, but that's more specific to PP in addition to being anti-Trump so it may or may not be what you're looking for.
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It turns out this is actually a better link for the sign that I posted in the first link (same text, new design, more legible).
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Those signs are everywhere in my neighborhood, mostly the Spanish-Arabic-English ones but I've seem some of the other language combos as well. A bunch of people in my town got a huge stack of them printed at the local print shop and were giving them away--you could do the same!
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I have a local-specific yard sign that was designed by someone here right after the election and put online as PDF. I sent it to a print shop and had it made into a box of really nice, high-quality corrugated plastic yard signs. I gave them out at cost to anyone who wanted one. So if you have something specific you want to express, you could create your own and do the same.
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This version seems to be the sign, bumper sticker, t-shirt of choice in the Portland (Oregon) Metro Area. Looking at the link, it looks like this graphic was developed in Portland which would explain its popularity here :).
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Around Portland, these are popular. They donate to all kinds of organizations.
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As for t-shirts, I like this one:
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All Are Welcome Here” is the main one in my neighborhood - 10% of proceeds to ACLU.
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I've seen these "hate has no home here" around the Chicagoland area.
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This is the version of the "we believe" sign in our front yard. We recently moved from a blue city/state to a purple city in a red district in a purple state, and it was super important to me that fellow white people in my new city don't assume I'm racist and start up yet another conversation about "hey man, how about those commie libruls tryna tear down our Confederate monuments?"

I've been pleasantly surprised to have a couple of strangers come to the door to express support for our shared values expressed on the sign. I also just really like that it's an affirmative statement of beliefs and values, rather than stating opposition to a particular value.
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Excellent! Thanks all! I marked two where I ended up buying. Super excited :-)
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