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Anyone know of any websites created to promote unsigned/unknown bands? Something preformatted where you can display a few pictures, a schedule of upcoming gigs, maybe a paypal link to sell your CD, etc. Hopefully with your own link (i.e. that can be printed on flyers, etc. Free is always great, very low cost is okay. I'm trying to help a local wedding/bar band that is NOT net-savvy or flush with cash.
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This might be a little too low-rent for the band in question, but: Have you considered MySpace? Tons of bands seem to be using it to promote themselves these days.
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Self-link 100% relevant to your question: ...

Also: I do websites for bands with some regularity, and am working on a new feature for openingbands that would allow bands to have more than what myspace provides.. but without all the annoying crap that goes with it, and without the low-rent appearance.
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Although most of these tend to cater to the younger crowd, they do get the job done.

My Space

Pure Volume

15 Megs of Fame


Merch Boss if they need a place for selling merch
posted by monsta coty scott at 8:28 PM on February 8, 2006 is my favorite. Toddshot is right on with myspace, as well. Look at where Panic! at the Disco is after such a short period of time.
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Seems Merch Boss has now become Big Cartel...
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cdbaby is a good option however if you look at what you get out of it IT IS EXTREMELY OVERPRICED. If you don't know a lick on HTML it might be worth paying so much for the hosting, but really those prices are murder.
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cdbaby is really not that expensive in my opinion. has all the pricing and info on getting your stuff up and out, whereas is where you'll be posted.
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To clarify, CDBaby is where you can sell your CDs. Hostbaby is where you can get a web site.
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Songbird (kind of an open source mashup of iTunes, iRate Radio, and Firefox has just launched their new media player, which is a kind of Web 2.0 way to find new music. Download it, then try clicking on any of the included bookmarks in the sidebar. RAD! Just what I was looking for, in terms of finding new music. iRate radio, while a great concept, is kind of anemic, without any features, and has kind of stalled since 2003.

Any, the point! is to try an get your friend's band listed on one of those sites that lets you download tunes for free via the music blog-like sites which are collected in Songbird. Even if it doesn't work for your friend's band, give it a spin! I'm looking forward to this.
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