Help me put together a relaxing summer weekend in Minneapolis
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I'm going to visit a friend who recently moved to Minneapolis. I'll be there at the end of June for a weekend and we're trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. We love spas, tea, board games and relaxing in general.

My friend has a foot injury which doesn't allow for much walking, but we might be up for minigolf or chill activities like that. Hiking, rock-climbing, etc. are definitely a no go.

She's new to the area and I've never been there before, but due to her injury walking tours and the like are probably out. We love brunch and ridiculous cocktails. I would love your suggestions for a relaxing weekend in Minneapolis! Thanks!
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Totally ridiculous 35-foot long Bloody Mary bar.

Food's good, too.
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Mini golf and ridiculous drinks here. Sencha and Tea Source are both good venues for tea.
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Chatterbox Pub will have board games. It has been a few years, but I think they have good food and drinks, too.
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The Walker Sculpture Garden often has mini golf in the summer, but might be worth driving by to scope it out first in case it is too much walking for your friend.
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Did not do this but it looked like crazy fun
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I've only ever visited MN so I mostly know about tourist-y things. I'm not sure my ideas are great for limited walking but -- I really enjoy the Mall of America. While, yes, going through the entire thing is a ton of walking, going through the indoor amusement part is not a lot of walking. If you check out the map there's an entrance near the amusement part.

After a quick search, there are a lot of day spas in the Twin Cities. I'm now kind of bummed that I haven't been to one yet.

With the 10,000 lakes, you have a lot of sit and relax next to a lake options. That should be doable with minimal walking.

It'll be hot and humid. If your friend's place doesn't have AC, spend as much time as you can somewhere cold.
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The rose garden at Lake Harriet.
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The Arboretum out in the suburbs (Chanhassen or something?) can be driven or walked through and it is amaaaaaaaazing: even my teens loved it.
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The tightest concentration of scenic city stuff (if it's a nice day) is around Gold Medal Park and the Guthrie Theater downtown. Gold medal has a little hill that's really pleasant to sit on and look at either the river, downtown, or the adjacent Guthrie. The Guthrie itself is open to just walk into, and has a couple of great (and elevator- or escalator- accessible) elevated patios with great views; also a couple of internal bars next to said patios. Very close by to these two spots is the Stone Arch Bridge, which is scenic as hell on its own and affords great views of St. Anthony Falls. Oh, and Izzy's ice cream next to Gold Medal Park has first-rate fancy ice cream in an architecturally interesting building.
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Chatterbox has the most amazing house-brewed root beer. (I moved out of the Twin Cities 7 years ago, now, and it's the one thing I absolutely have to have on visits.)

The Arboretum is gorgeous, and there's a lot of it that doesn't require a ton of walking.

For brunch or fun food, a friend took me to the Hi-Lo Diner last trip (Lake Street, Minneapolis) which was fabulous and had interesting combinations of food.
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