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I want to use this clipart as part of a submission to Unicode to create a new emoji. It asks for a certificate or statement but there is nothing. What do I give Unicode or can I even use this clipart?

For the other clipart, there is a certificate but it is not hyperlinked. How do I include the certificate (which says it is free and in the public domain)?
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Based on the examples of previous successful proposals, it sounds like they're just asking you to describe the licensing terms as part of the submission. So just saying "License: Public domain" in the appropriate section ought to be enough.
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Except that it isn't public domain. Given the state of their website, I am not at all confident that PNGPix is actually properly licensing their own art, but even they post stuff with the claim of it being free for personal/educational/noncommercial usage, which is not the same thing as public domain.
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Yeah, by "certify" they just mean that they want you to be the one who takes legal responsibility for making sure the license is actually correct. It would probably be a bad idea to do that with an image you got from a sketchy aggregation site.
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This specific image says "this PNG Image is free for personal, educational, and non-commercial usage." Then their "click here" like for further information on the license and their "license" link in the page footer don't lead to anywhere, which is a huge red flag.

I have no idea whether pngpix actually even owns the rights to use this image or not, but even they aren't saying it's in the public domain. I would find an image with clearer license terms or find someone to create one for you.

Note that some implementations of the existing mouth emoji look rather similar to your image.
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