When was the Munich printing company Baurengarten Kunstanst in operation
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I have an old olive oil label (printed in German), seemingly from the first half of the 1900s. The printer's name appears in small print at the bottom "Lit. Baurengarten Kunstanst, Munchen". I would like to know when this print shop was in operation to get a better estimate of the label's age. My Google searches have come up empty.
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Could you post a photo?
I think lit stands for lithography, and kunstanst for Kunstanstalt and possibly this is not the printer but origin of the image, if there is one? A Bauerngarten is a farmer's garden. Is there an image of a garden?
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Hi 15L06, Thanks for your answer. There is an image: a coat of arms and a seascape (small sailboats, rocky cliffs and some trees, presumably olive trees). I see that "Kunstanstalt" means "institute of art", so your suggestion has some merit. However, I couldn't find "Baurengartner Kunstanstalt" using Google.
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I googled etiketten (= labels) Kunstanstalt München and variations thereof using images, lots of results of pics of historic labels.
I think if you google the actual text of the label you might well just find an image.
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NB: It is Bauerngarten not Baurengartner, which may affect your search results.
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Please post a pic! It would make it easier to search for clues. Your question doesn‘t have an easy straightforward answer because it‘s not certain that what you‘ve written is actually the name of the company.

Kunstanstalt likely does refer to the printer/designer. Munich had a number of them, such as Johann Roth, Albert Ebner and famously Reichhold & Lang, inventors of the Adventskalender.

Ordinarily, „Kunstanstalt“ would be preceded by the founder‘s name. „Bauerngarten“ would be a really odd name. I‘m not saying it‘s impossible, but I can‘t find it and it sounds unlikely. It‘s more likely that „Bauerngarten“ is the name of the picture (the olive grove) but then what is the printer‘s name?

So I‘m thinking the design itself may offer clues and it would be great if you could post a picture.

There is a hashtag #kunstanstalt on Twitter, check it out and maybe post your pic? Collectors might know to identify it.
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Thanks for this information. I will see if I can post an image.
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Hi Omnomnom, Here is a link to an image of the label: https://i.imgur.com/zbE6JnW.jpg

What do you make of it in terms of its age? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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Do I have your permission to share the image? (Also, sorry to bug you, but if you can, maybe scan it at a higher resolution? I can‘t make out the printer‘s name at all.)
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Yes, you can share the image. I'll try with higher resolution. The printer's name is difficult to make out, even with a magnifying glass. It is in orange, and parts of some of the letters have faded.
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Here's a scan with much higher resolution. Not sure if it's much better.
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Sorry. Here's the link: https://i.imgur.com/VXxdtnW.jpg
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There is mention of that particular brand of olive oil here, in a journal dated 1894. See also multiple advertisements for "Domäne Badiola" oil here, published between 1891 and 1908 in a Munich newspaper. (Use the chrono search options to get the earliest and latest years.) Also in this 1894 Munich newspaper. I suspect it would not be possible to pin your label down any closer than that 15-year period.
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Great information! Many thanks for all your searching. This is terrific. Much appreciated. I originally thought this label was from the 30s or 40s.
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