What are some articles I should download before I lose my library VPN?
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I have my university library VPN for only a few more weeks, and I want to take advantage of it while I still can. What are some journal articles (and similarly restricted stuff) that you'd recommend in the social sciences or history?

What's something from your field that you think is really worth reading? What are some of your favorites? Can be recent or not-so-recent.
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I don't know if Springer does social sciences, but their ebooks are downloadable as a PDF!
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I'll strongly second 8603: depending on how much access your university buys, you may also have access to Oxford University Press' online library, which is very, very good. Their books are usually broken up by chapter, but that's easy enough to deal with.
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You might want to quickly skim through the resources available through your public libraries. I know, for example, the New York Public Library includes many if not all of OUP's online resources (including the full text of all the Very Short Introductions!), so that would be pretty low priority on my download list.
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If statistics or map data are important to you, especially data that does not date, draw that down now - in my final year I missed getting a dataset of all NZ stream centerlines I saw online among other things.
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