How easy is it to catch an Uber/Lyft in Buckeye, AZ?
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I am going to Phoenix for the first time. I don't like driving. Can I easily get from PHX to Buckeye and back in a Lyft? Or will it be challenging to get a car to pick me up on the western edge of town?

(I'm also curious what the driving culture is like in Phoenix in case I do need to rent a car. Is it like LA?)
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Best answer: Lived in Phoenix for a while, have visited LA a few times, so it could just be a familiarity thing. But driving in Phoenix when I'm there is a minor pain, while driving in LA is something I will never do again in my life.
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Best answer: For what it's worth, Waymo is testing and launching its first commercial self-driving car service in Phoenix because driving there is easier than any other big city in the United States.
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Best answer: No idea if Uber/Lyft will go that far. I suspect it would get expensive if they do.

As far as traffic goes, we’re like a fraction as bad as LA. Rush hour sucks, but it’s really only rush hour itself (like 7a-8:30a and like 4p-6:30p). If you can avoid those times, driving here is a breeze. The streets are all laid out in a grid system and the freeways (mostly) make sense.
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(Are you coming soon? You know it’s ridiculously hot here, right? Bring sunscreen and drink a TON of water. More than that. No, more.)
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You could consider asking this question in the reddit communities for Phoenix or Buckeye.
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Best answer: Driving in Phoenix is super easy. Traffic is rarely bad. If you don't want to drive in Phoenix proper, you could drive to Tempe/Mesa and take the light rail to Phoenix. It's super easy and you wouldn't have to deal with much city driving.
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I just reread your question and see that I wasn't thinking clearly. I thought Buckeye was East of Phoenix. You can get there by uber or lyft. App based drivers are all over the valley.
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Best answer: I just realized that I have the Lyft app on my phone. I’m nearish downtown and I put in Buckeye. Lyft says they’ll do it, but it’s like a $50 ride, one way.
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Best answer: Driving in Phoenix is pretty wonderful. It’s built for cars. The road signs are HUGE and clear. It’s like LA lite as far as traffic and drivers. People are aggressive, sometimes dangerously so, but they’re predictable.

It will be expensive but there are a lot of Uber/Lyft drivers in the valley so unless you’re coming in at 3:00am you should be okay. But Turo car sharing is pretty well dispersed there so you may go that route. Renting a car at PHX is no biggie and not badly priced but Turo prices usually beat it and involve a drop off at the airport.

Also, it’s hot but...having lived there for years and having moved in on a 118 degree day, I think people overstate the effect of the heat on everyday life. Monsoons are what I would be prepared for if driving.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! You were right -- driving in Phoenix is super easy. I really appreciate the advice, I think I would have been sad without a car.
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