LAX to Aquarium of the Pacific right now-what's the best way to travel?
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We've arrived in LAX a bit later than anticipated and it looks like the roads (particularly the 405 and 110) are already nightmarish. We thought we'd just take a cab but now I'm wondering if there are other alternatives we should consider. Public transit is great if it takes a little while longer, just not twice as long. And we're open to ideas like taking a cab for a couple miles at each end to catch public transit at the best spot. Suggestions?
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Best answer: Public transit will take a while, but at rush hour it could be about the same as driving. It’ll certainly be cheaper than taking a cab, which could get pretty steep.

You can take the train. There should be a shuttle that will take you to the Metro (subway/light rail). You’ll ride the green line to willowbrook, and you can transfer to the blue line and ride it all the way to Long Beach.

You can also take the LAX2LB flyaway bus, which costs about $10. That’ll take you directly to downtown Long Beach.
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No help getting you there, but the aquarium is only open till six tonight.
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Response by poster: Thanks! The rest of my group vetoed me and we took a car. It sucked. I'll consider public transit on the way back as I'll be alone that time.

Thanks for the heads up about the aquarium, but that's just the area we were trying to reach.
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Unfortunately, I think public transit will suck too. Most times of day it will take a lot longer, as in 2x as long. Yesterday’s traffic looked pretty bad, but unless rush hour traffic is really awful, you’re going to save time by taking a car.
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