What are these coordinates?
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I'm trying to georeference an old map of Palestine, but I have no idea what these coordinates are. They are three digits and appear to measure a 10km x 10km grid. Link inside.

Here's the map.

Any idea what these three digits coordinates are called?
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It's labeled as "Palestine Grid" in the key, which led me here.
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I also got The National Grid, which I'm guessing would make this a relic of British Palestine.
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If you use EPSG:28191 - Palestine 1923 / Palestine Grid, a quick-and-dirty linear georeferencing world file for that JPEG might be:
British military surveyors lurve their grids, and quoting coordinates in eastings and northings in 1000 m units is standard. Some of the maps in the collection Levant 1:50K Topographic Maps | Digital Archive @ McMaster University Library have good marginal keys describing the system.
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