Does anyone sell plain, globe-shaped landscape lighting?
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My wife and I love the big, round, opaque globe lights you see outside of old buildings (and, upside down, inside of your local Waffle House). We'd love to get a smaller version of that aesthetic for path lighting in our backyard. But when I go to Home Depot and look at the low-voltage landscape stuff everything I see is much fussier—pagodas, weird light patterns, "crackle" diffusers, etc. Am I looking in the wrong place?

This is the kind of look I'm describing, and the size I usually see it in, but what I'm hoping for is the smaller size you see on little plastic stakes driven into the ground around driveways.

I've found a few leads, but most of them are on AliBaba-style sites that I'm a little uncomfortable buying electronics from. When I go to Walmart, Home Depot, Ace, etc., the only round lights I see are a weird color and/or a weird texture.

My understanding is that low-voltage lights are still a better option than solar ones, but if I'm wrong (or you happen to be a landscape lighting guru who would like to give the internet a free lesson on deciding between them) I'm happy to see either option. Thanks in advance!
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Is this what you mean?
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Have you combed deeply though

A query for “outdoor globe light” brought up this and this and a few other possibly viable options.

On preview: my first link looks identical to what agatha_magatha linked to, but twice the price. *wince*
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Here's a globe landscape light.
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Oh...I see it is not available! Is that the right look, though?
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Apparently a solar-powered model on ebay.
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Maybe google globe pathway lights? That got me to these (with bad reviews) on Amazon and these through a seller at Sears. It's strange, it seems like I used to see these regularly at places like the dollar store a few years ago.
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Here's a 4-pack solar set on Amazon.
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