Last minute Father's Day gifts for dad shippable by Amazon Prime
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Yikes! Father's day is this weekend and I need to get my Dad a gift. I have an Amazon Prime subscription. He's in the US and I'd like to get something shipped to him ASAP. Help!

Things that are good:
Fart jokes
Clever tools
Pool toys

Gift cap under $250 USD. Must be available to ship to the US via Amazon Prime. Will also consider expensive preposterous things on amazon also if they're hilarious enough.

Ideally this post becomes helpful to others, so if you've got something super cool that you love, maybe add that too? And, format your reply like my example below, with the cost, the category of gift, and a short description, all linking to the amazon item to make it super easy?

"The best gift I've ever given him" (his words paraphrased - he uses this dang fish spatula every day, has bought extra for the RV and for friends) is this:

$18 - Cooking - Kuhn Rikon stainless steel soft edge spatula

Help me MeFi!
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Best answer: The Striker Flexit flashlight is pretty cool and versatile. It appears to be available through Prime, but might depend on whether you've got Saturday delivery.
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Best answer: Most dads love treats, and Stella Parks's amaaaaazing cookbook "Bravetart" will help them (or a baker who loves them) to produce fantastic treats. Almost every recipe also has a page-long essay about the background of the recipe or the general type of food, which makes for fascinating reading on its own. About $24 hardcover, or less with Kindle.

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Best answer: I got my father-in-law a temperature gun.

His first response was, "uh, thanks, but when am I ever going to need this?".
Now he has hours of fun checking the temperature of EVERYTHING. Including my mother-in-law, much to her non-delight.

It's also been legitimately useful, too.
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Best answer: In the category of things you didn't know you wanted is a label maker. You can label shelves, containers, tools, file folders, cords, and many other things. I even use mine to make signs to label cheese when I have a party. It seems like it could also be really useful in an RV. I love mine.
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Dad speaking here and GOT DAMN I LOVE MY LABEL MAKER.

(Order him extra label tapes and two sets of batteries up front!)
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If you get him something battery powered, rechargeable batteries and a charger would also be nice.
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