Where did I hear this wise little chestnut?
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"Not every day can be a hot fudge sundae". Have you ever heard this? I know I didn't make it up.

This idea runs through my head quite frequently when I am having either a crappy or just generally boring day, and I feel compelled to "treat" myself or over-indulge in something not particularly good for me in order to activate my brain's pleasure receptors. I tell myself this to remind myself that not every day has to be special; I can deal with the crap/banality of every day existence just fine without some kind of "treat" to balance it all out. (Note: I believe that self-care is very important--I personally just tend to overdo it sometimes, to my own detriment).

I am quite sure it was phrased with this exact syntax: "Not every day can be a hot fudge sundae." It was either something I read here on the green (or blue), or something my very-wise Oakie Grandma told me at some point in my life (but I feel like I heard it in the past 5-10 years, which makes the latter less likely).

Any ideas?
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Best answer: I decided to research this for you to procrastinate doing actual work, and as far as I can tell, the correct phrase is: "Every day isn't a hot fudge sundae." I found it by guessing that was the actual phrasing. Your quote turned up zero results, so I think it's your own spin on it. There could be another phrasing out there that's more popular but... I am not that good of a guesser. You also get some hits for "every day is not a hot fudge sundae" but not many.
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Response by poster: Nailed it. I was overly confident in my syntax but yes, I bought and read that "Why Don't They Just Quit" book within the last five years, so that must be it. Time to revisit! Many thanks AppleTurnover :)
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In New Mexico, it’s “life isn’t always sopapillas and honey” and I had never heard the hot fudge sundae thing.
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