Best site to gift online classes?
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I want to gift an online class/learning experience for Father's Day. Dad is 65, very computer literate, and a lifelong learner. Where do I find a class he can pick for himself?

Ideally, I'd like to purchase a class credit and allow dad to choose his own adventure, but I'm mostly finding situations where I have to purchase a subscription or choose a specific course. I'm not interested in sites that don't provide a gifting option--telling him "pick a class and I'll pay for it" won't work for reasons. I need to provide something that is already paid for and he just has to log in and use on his own timeline.

Budget is ideally around $50 but will consider up to $100.

If I have to pick for him, his interests include: US and world history, mystery stories, classical music ONLY (he doesn't like pop or rock music, even from his own generation), secret societies/conspiracies, genealogy, HAM radio operation. He's already active on and has taken a couple creative writing courses through Coursera and some history classes on Great Courses.

Please share
A) Sites where I can gift a general amount and he can pick his own class or
B) Your fave specific course that you'd recommend for him
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not online,but Adult Education can be a great resource. He might even want to teach a subject he knows, and they usually love new courses to try.
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Great Courses gift certificate! I think they've been pushing the subscription model, but my dad still buys individual courses, caerfully following sales cycles. They have a sale section with a bunch of stuff under $50.
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I love online classes.
So far i've purchased and enjoyed 1 year memberships to
and ( now called Linkedin learning i believe?)
Both have a million different topics, perfect for multi passionate people, at all skill levels. I like that lessons are organized in chapters so you can easily skip ahead of stuff you might already know.

I use it mostly for creative software learning, and photography, but they really have all kinds of topics.
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Masterclass! The instructors are, well, masters in their crafts. Aaron Sorkin, Annie Leibovitz, Helen Mirren, Gordon Ramsay! Bob Woodward! Shonda Rimes! And some sporty people I could not name teaching sportsball sporting.
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I've had a good experience with coursehorse
posted by rmless at 1:17 PM on June 13, 2018 is another place to try. It skews heavily towards software development and design, but has a large selection of other topics.
More often than not they have a sale with courses priced around 12-15$ (Canadian).
On the negative side, as far as I can tell you can only gift specific classes. Also be sure to check the previews for courses, as the skill and quality of the instructors varies wildly.
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Great Courses for sure. I find their quality to be more reliable than any other purveyor and when there's a sale you can get lots of great stuff for under $100, some even below $50. They're set up for online gift cards.
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Great Courses has a lot of choices for history and classical music. Their classes are very much aimed at people who want to take classes for fun.
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