How to get my car clean?
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My car is really dirty. How do I find somebody to clean it?

Reallly really dirty. Somebody basically lived out of it for a year, and it's got years of other accumulated dirt and grime. I tried to take it to a full-service car wash to get it cleaned, but they basically just wiped the inside with a towel and let it go. It needs some much more serious treatment, and I don't want to do it.

So I tried googling and the yellow-pages and so on, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Things like "car-cleaning" turned up only car washes rather than anybody who did heavy work. Is there a term for this that I'm missing? Is it time to just lower my standards and live with a certain amount of dinginess? I live in New Haven, CT, if that helps.
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Look for 'car detailing', and phone them to ask what services they actually provide. Describe the state of the car to see if they'll handle it.
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You are looking for the word "detailing" like this place, for example.
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Search for "auto detailing". I just looked on Craigslist under "automotive services" and there was someone in Waterbury CT offering detailing services for $35.
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Dipsomaniac makes a good point about describing the state of the car. Many detailing places specialize in giving the white-glove-and-toothbrush treatment to cars that are already clean (to less-discerning eyes like mine, anyway), and they may be unwilling to work on a car that's as dirty as you describe. Depending on the level of filth we're talking about here, you might consider hiring the folks who clean up crime scenes.
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Call Roberts Car Wash on Kane Street in Hartford. (860) 232-9431, I think. They're fantastic.
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Someone once broke into my car and bled all over it. After a slightly odd morning of asking detailing places if they removed blood from upholstery, I found a place that did a great job for about 65$. I'd just call around and give them the ABCs, someone has to be willing to do it, even if it'll cost you a little more than you'd like.
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Depending on the level of filth we're talking about here, you might consider hiring the folks who clean up crime scenes.

If you have any contacts at an auto-body shop, they should have someone they use for this. (Not crime scenes, but accidents with blood.)
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