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Sushi in London - please, your hot tips! Yes I did Google but no luck.

A friend who lived for years in Tokyo is flying in tomorrow from Murcia for a brief business trip. We'll both be in London from 5pm-8pm before a show. I really want to give him an authentic Japanese experience, but my sushi experience in London is restricted to one place in Chinatown that sells everything, Chinese Thai Japanese, or the takeaway in Wasabi at Charing Cross. Anywhere in central London and price is not an issue, help!
The Google search here on AskMe gave me some strange results!!
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Kulu Kulu Sushi may be what you're after. You also might want to avoid Yo! Sushi too...
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Moshi Moshi!
They have a conveyer belt!
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Ooo, I forgot Moshi Moshi. If it's half as good as the one in Brighton it'll be ace.
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Response by poster: I love Moshi Moshi In Brighton - I actually drive an hour from here just for my sushi fix. It helps that it is in Brighton one of THE greatest places in the UK. But the London ones are all out of the centre. I have been to Kula, Kula and really liked it, (thanks I-cola) but we were a bit squashed. The friend I'm meeting is about 6 ft, 6 inches (that's height, people!) you can imagine how that went down when he lived in Tokyo.
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It's a bit of a hike from the centre, but Sushi-Say in Willesden Green is amazing. Go north on the Jubilee Line, get out at Willesden Green, turn right out of the station and it's about 200 yards down the road. (sorry for the Tatler link - bleah - but it was the most informative I could find).
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I know you stipulated centre, but it's zone 2 and the Jubilee is pretty quick - 20-25 minutes from Waterloo. I do seriously recommend it.
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Response by poster: Thanks Greycap, just rang them but they only open at 6.30pm and there's a show at 8! But definately one I will visit in the future.
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Itsu in Draycott Avenue and in Wardour street aren't that bad, and not that expensive.

Nobu inside the Metropolitan (Park Lane) is of course a different class, but also costs about 5 or 6 times as much
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I'll second the Itsu recommendation-- it's unusual sushi, but it's very good. And the double shiitake miso soup is really delicious.

I'd avoid Gili Gulu (an all-you-can-eat venue near 7 Dials), as the sushi is just barely OK and the variety leaves much to be desired.
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Tokyocube has a japanese restaurant and services database for London. You can search by the closest tube station.
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Best answer: Ikkyu Sushi, 67 Tottenham Court Road (a basement by Goodge Street tube), isn't a conveyor-belt place and is all the better for it. Recommended highly.
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Yes, Ikkyu is very good, and pre-dates the Wagyo!mama stylist-driven places.

(Slight derail, but since you're going to a show, don't forget to stop in at the Japan Centre at 212 Piccadilly, near Piccadilly Circus.)
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Ikkyu is, good, Itsu is good and Moshi Moshi supplied me with sushi at work for 2 years straight. For the budget conscious, Tokyo Diner is always a good choice.
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Cafe Japan in Golders Green - there's a nice little Japanese store round the corner that does take away sushi and alll those crazy asian drinks and hello kitty chocs.
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Though it pains me to share this well kept secret, try the Centre Point Sushi Cafe which lives inside the Centre Point Food Store.

Maybe not authentic enough but the Sushi is very good. Better than Ikkyu recently although Ikkyu is probably more the style of venue you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Fantastic info all, many thanks. Ikkyu opens at 6 for dinner so I'll try that. I fully intend to try out all the others on my frequent trips to London. I think I finally found a New Year's resolution! :D
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It's not in Central London, but for the benefit of anyone doing future searches for questions about sushi in London, Sushi Hiro opposite Ealing Common tube is hands-down the best sushi in London - very reasonably priced too. Caters predominately to local Japanese language students and their parents. Phoning to book can be traumatic though, as they don't speak much english - turning up early, or takeaway are often better bets. Also, they're cash only.
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Not that I've been to Japan, but I've been to Ikkyu with some Japanese students and had a great time - it helped that they could order for us. So that sounds perfect for you. Also, for the benefit of future searchers, the Japan Centre on Piccadilly (the Circus end) seems authentic to my eyes but the cafe looks like somewhere you'd go if you were in a hurry. Mixed reviews at the link. The supermarket in the basement sells off its sushi cheap at the end of the day, if you want a takeaway.
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Response by poster: A follow-up for the benefit of future searchers! Ikkyu is easy to miss! Coming out of Goodge St Tube take an immediate right and search for the Black and grey door. They only open at 6 and do book! It is a little run-down but the food is excellent and very reasonably priced.
When we arrived at 6 they made a big fuss of not booking and asked us if we could leave by 8, which was the plan anyway, so no problem. We then witnessed the manager get angry with two staff members and give them a dressing down in front of us, which if you've been to Japan you know this can be, "animated" These two staff members were not Japanese, so this all happened in broken English and was uncomfortable by UK standards.
The food really was excelelnt some of the best Sashimi I've eaten in Europe. I got to try a fermented bean dish for the first time, pronounced Nato, which was interesting.
I have been to another Ikkyu in Chinatown that I preferred though for atmosphere
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which if you've been to Japan you know this can be, "animated"

I'll say
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