Where can I stow my car in Astoria?
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NYC Filter: I'm looking for a place to park my car for several days as near as possible to the 30th Ave MTA station in Astoria. What are some good, secure, affordable options?

I normally take the train when I visit NYC from Boston, but on this trip I'm taking a side trip to Pennsylvania, so I think it makes more sense to drive and store my car someplace while in NYC. I shouldn't need to access the car during the time in NYC, but wherever I store it should be easily accessible from around the 30th Ave MTA station in Astoria (which is closed, I know, that's just near where I'm staying).

The plan is
1. June 30: Drive Boston → NYC
2. June 30–July 4: Store car in NYC
3. July 4: Drive NYC → PA
4. July 4–7: Stay in PA
5. July 7: Drive PA → NYC
6. July 7–8: Store car in NYC
7. July 8: Drive NYC → Boston

What do you suggest for car storage in NYC?
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Whenever I drive down to the city, I use ParkWhiz to find a paid spot; I would definitely give it a whirl, looks like it covers Queens as well.
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Can you park it on the street? I would think with July 4th you could drive around and find a spot near 30th pretty easily. Otherwise, if you drive closer to the water, there are normally a lot of streets with minimal alternate side parking rules.
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Hello! I live in Astoria AND have a car so for once I actually feel qualified to answer someone on here. Granted, I'm not 100% sure you'll love the answer...

So, any parking lot in most of Queens is probably going to cost you between $35-60/night to park in long-term, unless you want to park way out by the airport and you are still looking at $20/day, subject to availability.

There is a ton of street parking in Astoria. If you have trouble up around 30th, go south a little bit. The thing you always have to worry about with parking on the street is street cleaning. Wherever you park is almost definitely going to have street cleaning on the Monday or Tuesday that you are gone. They are not covered by the holiday. Wednesday is usually an off-day and will definitely be free on the 4th of July, so you don't have to worry about that day. Assuming you don't move your car for the duration of your stay, you will get a parking ticket. There is a chance the attendant will overlook you, but in this hood that is very rare.

HOWEVER, the parking ticket is $45 and can be paid online. So, if you park from Saturday June 30th through July 4th, you are still looking at paying just $45 and not the $120-200 it would cost you to park in a lot. Plus, the parking tickets don't count as points on your license or anything.

I should note two things - 1) if you don't pay the parking ticket within a couple weeks, it will double in price and 2) parking tickets in Manhattan are at least twice as expensive so don't try this there.
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I live in Astoria too and there are a few streets in Astoria and Long Island City with no street cleaning at all. This is usually where I park my car when I travel. To find them, look at the NYC DOT street parking map and look for streets without the points for street cleaning signs. They will be more in LIC or close to the East River in Astoria.

There aren’t many though so it will take you some digging. At a minimum it will help you find streets with street cleaning for only a Monday or Tuesday so you can follow urbanscribe’s suggestion. Many streets in Astoria have M/Th or Tu/Fr street parking, which would mean two tickets.
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Thanks for the really thoughtful answers, everyone. I ended up using ParkWhiz and it was quite easy.
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